AutoDNS Changelog en_gb TYPO3 News Sun, 23 Jan 2022 14:06:14 +0100 Sun, 23 Jan 2022 14:06:14 +0100 TYPO3 EXT:news news-31 Wed, 22 Dec 2021 10:27:28 +0100 Bulk features, mail services and other functions A number of new bulk features for certificates and transfers make your domain and certificate management even more efficient. Other functions and optimizations for AutoDNS & AutoDNS Pro have also been implemented. New functions in AutoDNS

Certificates: renews and reissues in bulk

This new release enables you to carry out renews and reissues for TLS/SSL certificates in bulk – saving you time!

Certificites Reissue and Renew Bulk


New menu item: Mail services

You can activate and book a range of practical mail services. These can be accessed directly under the new menu item “Mail services”. In addition, the popular feature “MailProxy” now has its own menu tab.

Mail Services in AutoDNS


Bulk domain transfer using the multi tool

The domain multi tool now has optimized bulk transfer handling. The full domain contact information including AuthInfo can be set individually per domain, also for bulk orders.


Billing comment for TLS/SSL certificates

Thanks to the new field “Billing comment”, notes and comments can also be added for TLS/SSL certificates. These comments also appear in the CSV attachment of your SSL invoices.

Billing comment



Parking column in domain portfolio

The domain portfolio overview now includes an additional configuration option to display the parking provider. This column can easily be activated in the column options behind the cog settings symbol.

Parking column in portfolio


Changes to the zone templates in the shopping cart

The favorites settings for zone templates in the shopping cart have been made more intuitive. Alongside an option for a text note, favorites can also be added using the “+” icon.


Improved high contrast mode

In order to provide the best possible user experience, we have optimized the color contrast and increased the type size.

Improved high contrast mode


New functions in AutoDNS Pro


New statistics widgets for using API and Domain Studio 

Enjoy greater insights, more in-depth information. AutoDNS Pro has been given additional graphic statistic widgets for using AutoDNS API and Domain Studio.

New Widgets in AutoDNS Pro

To add the statistics widget, click on the cog symbol and choose the widgets you want to add from the sidebar.

Edit your widgets

Product Update
news-28 Mon, 22 Nov 2021 15:01:14 +0100 Never miss a reissue again and use zone templates for registrations & transfers AutoDNS Version 1.23 makes the reissue of certificates easier with a more visual design. In addition, there are a number of further updates for AutoDNS & AutoDNS Pro. New functions in AutoDNS

Zone templates also for registrations and transfers

In the shopping cart, you can now start using your own templates for zone provisioning.

You can use this to create fixed templates for DNS settings and easily apply them to orders in the shopping cart.

AutoDNS Zone Templates

Certificates: Required reissues 

Thanks to a new filter in the SSL certificate overview, you are now actively reminded of missing reissues. Visual reminders of outstanding reissues can be found at many other points in the interface.  

To help you complete reissues as quickly as possible, they can now also be carried out in bulk.

AutoDNS Certificate Reissues


New column in the tabulated portfolio overview

You can now apply the filters “Cancellation status” and “Expire” in your portfolio. Additional adjustments have also been made to the filter options.

AutoDNS Portfolio expire column

New functions in AutoDNS Pro

Migrating Personal AutoDNS URL to AutoDNS Pro 

If you use both Personal AutoDNS and AutoDNS Pro and would like to fully change over to Pro, you can now migrate your Personal AutoDNS to Pro. All necessary information and instructions can be found in your AutoDNS Pro interface, where you can also start the migration process autonomously.

Migrating Personal AutoDNS URL to AutoDNS Pro Migrate your Personal AutoDNS to AutoDNS Pro


2FA request for subusers

The new Pro feature allows you to request that your subusers use 2FA.

The feature is easy to activate in the Pro settings. When a subuser logs in, they are informed about the use of 2FA. This is only a recommendation – the activation of 2FA is not mandatory. 

Product Update
news-26 Wed, 17 Nov 2021 15:47:40 +0100 Welcome to the dark side: AutoDNS Dark mode 🌗 Dark Mode in AutoDNS is not only a visual highlight, but also protects your eyes and saves battery life. Just in time for Black Friday, we present you with Dark Mode in AutoDNS. The easy management of your domains and all additional services now also work in dark display, making the use of the interface more pleasant for the eye. Many platforms, apps and websites already support this feature. But what can Dark Mode actually do? What advantages does it bring? And how do you activate it in AutoDNS? 


What happens in Dark Mode?

Dark Mode displays light areas in a dark color. Let's take a simple website with white background and black font as an example. If you activate Dark Mode, the dominant white background will become dark and the black text will become light. 

The advantages of using Dark Mode

Dark Mode is not only a visual feature, but also brings other advantages. By inverting light to dark, the millions of tiny diodes in a screen don't have to shine as brightly. This reduces the power consumption of devices with OLED screens, thereby ensuring a longer battery life on numerous end devices. 

Additionally, the dark mode setting reduces exposure to blue light. On the one hand, blue light keeps you awake, but it is also exhausting on the eye. It causes an oxidation process in the human eye and thus ages the retina faster. If you sit in front of the screen for a little longer, your eyes start to burn, they become dry, and your eyelids get heavier and heavier. Dark Mode slows down this process and helps your eyes tire less quickly. 


How to activate Dark Mode in AutoDNS

Click on the user icon at the top right of the screen. Now navigate to User Management and then to the Interface tab. Then select "Dark Mode" from the drop-down menu. The interface will automatically adjust after you save. Of course, you can switch to a different interface appearance in AutoDNS at any time.

Set the dark mode AutoDNS

Dark Mode in AutoDNS


Feature Spotlight
news-22 Wed, 29 Sep 2021 11:32:57 +0200 Extension of TLD assistant and updates for dashboard widgets The AutoDNS version 1.22 has added a new filter function to the practical TLD assistant. Several other optimizations of popular features provide you with additional advantages. New functions

TLD assistant: extension for continents on the premium domain market

The TLD assistant in the premium domain market now includes a geographical option for continents, allowing users to achieve more accurate geographic results in their searches.

Extension for continents on the premium domain market


Multilingual Twitter dashboard

The “Twitter dashboard” widget now includes a language option. This enables users to publish different language versions of a twitter feed.

Multilingual Twitter dashboard

Dashboard widgets updates

Search function
New widgets are regularly added to the “Edit dashboard" section. To help users find features even more quickly, a search function is now available in the overview.

Widget Search Function


Check symbol for widgets already in use
To help you keep an overview of which widgets have already been added to your user-defined dashboard, widgets that are already in use will be marked visually with a check symbol.

Of course, widgets can also be added again.

Check Icon


URL configurator for RSS widget
Missing URLs are indicated in the RSS widget. The missing URL can be configured directly in the relevant text field.

URL configurator for RSS widget


Simplified setup of subdomains 

An additional button to copy the main IP to the subdomain is now available, simplifying the creation of new resource records in zones.  

This helps users to quickly set up subdomains that use the same IP as the main IP.

Ressource records of subdomains


Domain Studio: display of direct matches

The direct matches resulting from a search are now visually highlighted in Domain Studio. For a specific search for sld.tld, the exact match can be recognized and ordered immediately. Also practical: domains listed in your search results are marked with a visual cue if they are already in your shopping cart.

Display of direct matches

Product Update Improvement
news-20 Tue, 24 Aug 2021 09:37:50 +0200 Improved UX for Premium Domain Market 🛒 With the release of AutoDNS version 1.21. the UX of the Premium Domain Market has been improved. In addition, you now have numerous additional filter functions in the portfolio. New features 

Dedicated Premium Marketplace overview

The Premium Marketplace is now divided into Premium Domains and Marketplace. The division and navigation in the different tabs offers you a better overview, helping you find your desired domains even faster.

Premium Marketplace


Portfolio: Enhanced filter options 

It is now possible to set up individual filters in the portfolio. The filters can also be used with all available variables.

Portfolio TTL filter

Portfolio TTL filter in AutoDNS



Zones: TTLs of all subdomains can now be customized

While editing zones, it is now also possible to set a uniform and individually configurable value for all subdomains.

TTL Filter options

TTL Filter options in AutoDNS


Improvements for portfolio CSV downloads

The CSV download of inventory lists in the portfolio overviews has been improved and now allows selecting the separator in the CSV file.

Product Update Improvement
news-7 Fri, 16 Jul 2021 09:37:00 +0200 User invite feature, new checkout functions and more in AutoDNS / AutoDNS Pro With the release of version 1.20, several new functions and improvements have been rolled out for AutoDNS and AutoDNS Pro. New functions | AutoDNS


Payment method can be changed

Users can now autonomously change the previously selected payment method at any time. Simply go to User Management -> Base Data.


Checkout: Time delay for orders

Thanks to new functions in the shopping cart, orders can now be carried out with a time delay and an individual transaction ID. 


New onboarding process

The user experience in AutoDNS is continuously being developed and optimized. For this reason, we have introduced a new onboarding process to help us respond even more effectively to your requirements.



Changes to dark mode visibility

In order to improve visibility, slight adjustments were carried out to the dark mode design.


New functions | AutoDNS Pro

User invite

As the main user of an AutoDNS Pro account, you can now create a new subuser and send them an invitation. The subuser receiving the invitation gets an email with a link to an external page, where they can enter their password and gain access to their account in AutoDNS. As soon as the new subuser has successfully set up their password and has access to AutoDNS, the main user who initiated the "User invite" is informed by email.


AutoDNS Pro first steps tutorial

In order to simplify your first steps in AutoDNS Pro, an informative tutorial video explaining the most important functions is available in your Pro area.


Monthly reporting

The monthly reporting informs you about the most important key figures of your domain business. The notification settings are flexible, so you can configure receipt of the reports according to your preferences.


Product Update Improvement
news-18 Wed, 14 Jul 2021 13:45:00 +0200 New portfolio features & improved clarity With the latest release, AutoDNS version 1.19 provides you with detailed date specification and additional options for domain cancellations. New functions


Confirmation email for domain cancellations

A separate email confirmation can now be set for domain cancellations. 


Filter criteria for cancellation status

The cancellation status "None" has been added to the filter function in the portfolio overview. This allows you to specifically filter out all domains that do not have an active cancellation.

Filter criteria for cancellation status




Date specification now includes time 

Until now, dates in the overviews were always displayed without the time specification. This information is now available via mouseover.

Mouser over date & time

Product Update Improvement
news-1 Mon, 17 May 2021 13:16:00 +0200 Pop-up notifications can now be personalized ⚙️ The new release of AutoDNS version 1.18 introduced small improvements as well as a task overview for certificates. Pop-up notifications can now also be configured. Find out more in the latest changelog. New functions

Certificate portfolio: New task overview

A new tab for currently active tasks has been added to the portfolio overview for SSL certificates. This allows the user to easily view the status of open orders.

Certficate job overview


Pop-up notifications can now be configured

The position of pop-up notifications on the screen can now be configured in the user settings, providing the user with even more opportunity to personalize the interface.

Pop-up configuration



New format for pop-up notifications

Pop-up notifications are now displayed in a new uniform format. The notifications are now also marked in different colors according to urgency.

Pop-up design

Product Update Improvement
news-3 Wed, 05 May 2021 13:16:00 +0200 Name server groups in shopping cart and new menu design 🖌️ A number of improvements and new features to simplify routine work have been introduced with the new release of AutoDNS version 1.17. New functions

Name server templates

The use of name server groups is now enabled in the shopping cart. Users can define the groups as favorites themselves. However, when selecting the group "user-defined name servers", the name servers can be specified individually in the shopping cart.


Bulk handle deletion in contact management

Handles can now be deleted in bulk. This makes it easier for the user to clear old handle data. A clean sweep is also possible by clearing all old handles, removing all contacts that are not in use.


Automatic transfer of existing name server with domain transfer

The shopping cart now allows, wherever possible, the name server of the previous provider to be transferred automatically when carrying out a domain transfer, which greatly simplifies bulk transfers. 



Name server IP / glue records

The fields for the glue IPs are now automatically displayed in the shopping cart when selecting "user-defined name servers".


Certificate orders possible in price overview and SSL details

SSL certificates can now also be ordered directly from the price overview. A possibility to order has also been integrated into the overview under "details".


Menu redesign

The secondary menu, which was previously located on the side, has now been shifted to the header area.

Product Update Improvement
news-12 Tue, 16 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0100 New trademark zone widget and other updates Keep track of all your scans with the new trademark zone scan widget in the dashboard. New TTL filters for zones are also available in the AutoDNS version 1.16. New functions


New widget for trademark zone scan

The trademark zone scan now has its own widget. The widget shows the results of the latest scan in the dashboard, allows new scans to be carried out and enables the booking of additional scans. You can add the trademark zone scan widget to your dashboard easily with the "Edit widgets" function.

Trademark Zone Scan Widget

Portfolio - TTL filter for zones

The portfolio overview for zones can now be filtered according to TTLs. The operators <, > and =, as well as a combination, are possible. The new filter possibilities enable you, for example, to determine zones with low TTL values.

Portfolio TTL filters


Link for editing zones directly in domain form

The domain form now displays a link for editing the related zone, if a zone exists. This enables the user to change between the domain and zone form quickly.

DNS Zones

Product Update Improvement