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Improved UX for Premium Domain Market 🛒

AutoDNS Changelog Version 1.21

New features 

Dedicated Premium Marketplace overview

The Premium Marketplace is now divided into Premium Domains and Marketplace. The division and navigation in the different tabs offers you a better overview, helping you find your desired domains even faster.

Premium Marketplace


Portfolio: Enhanced filter options 

It is now possible to set up individual filters in the portfolio. The filters can also be used with all available variables.

Portfolio TTL filter

Portfolio TTL filter in AutoDNS



Zones: TTLs of all subdomains can now be customized

While editing zones, it is now also possible to set a uniform and individually configurable value for all subdomains.

TTL Filter options

TTL Filter options in AutoDNS


Improvements for portfolio CSV downloads

The CSV download of inventory lists in the portfolio overviews has been improved and now allows selecting the separator in the CSV file.

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