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Bulk features, mail services and other functions

AutoDNS Changelog V. 1.24

New functions in AutoDNS

Certificates: renews and reissues in bulk

This new release enables you to carry out renews and reissues for TLS/SSL certificates in bulk – saving you time!

Certificites Reissue and Renew Bulk


New menu item: Mail services

You can activate and book a range of practical mail services. These can be accessed directly under the new menu item “Mail services”. In addition, the popular feature “MailProxy” now has its own menu tab.

Mail Services in AutoDNS


Bulk domain transfer using the multi tool

The domain multi tool now has optimized bulk transfer handling. The full domain contact information including AuthInfo can be set individually per domain, also for bulk orders.


Billing comment for TLS/SSL certificates

Thanks to the new field “Billing comment”, notes and comments can also be added for TLS/SSL certificates. These comments also appear in the CSV attachment of your SSL invoices.

Billing comment



Parking column in domain portfolio

The domain portfolio overview now includes an additional configuration option to display the parking provider. This column can easily be activated in the column options behind the cog settings symbol.

Parking column in portfolio


Changes to the zone templates in the shopping cart

The favorites settings for zone templates in the shopping cart have been made more intuitive. Alongside an option for a text note, favorites can also be added using the “+” icon.


Improved high contrast mode

In order to provide the best possible user experience, we have optimized the color contrast and increased the type size.

Improved high contrast mode


New functions in AutoDNS Pro


New statistics widgets for using API and Domain Studio 

Enjoy greater insights, more in-depth information. AutoDNS Pro has been given additional graphic statistic widgets for using AutoDNS API and Domain Studio.

New Widgets in AutoDNS Pro

To add the statistics widget, click on the cog symbol and choose the widgets you want to add from the sidebar.

Edit your widgets

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