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Virtual name servers, VMC certificates and other innovations

AutoDNS Changelog V. 1.25

New functions

Own virtual name servers for NodeSecure

Now you can order your own virtual nameservers for NodeSecure as well. Under "Hosting -> Server -> Virtual Nameservers" you will find an overview of your ordered nameserver sets.

Virtual Nameservers in AutoDNS


Filter and list function for bulk renews

In the portfolio overview for renews/restores, the filter for using your own domain lists has been extended. You now have the possibility to limit the domains that are up for renewal to a domain list that you already have available, using the new filter option. This way, only the domains you want are displayed and can be conveniently renewed.

New filter and list functions for domain renew


Highlighting promo offers

To keep an eye on all current promo offers, they are now highlighted with a green pill directly on the product cards. With a new filter function, you can now also search specifically for promos.

Highlighting promo offers


New: Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) 

DigiCert Verified Mark Certificates are now available for order. VMCs enable brands and brand owners to display their brand logo directly in email clients, providing greater transparency and awareness in email marketing.

New in AutoDNS: Verified Mark Certificates (VMC)




Improved password security

All user interfaces will be changed to new password requirements. In the future, at least 8 characters are required (previously 6), the complete UTF-8 character set is now permitted.


Extension of the table for the inventory export

To get more information about the domain inventory for export, more information options have been added. In the future, the following information about the inventory can be retrieved as well:

  • domainsafe
  • owner (user, context)
  • priceClass
  • privacy
  • privacyPlus
  • trustee
  • validCertificate

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