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Blocking Service, Registry Lock, BackUpMX and many other new features & optimizations

AutoDNS Changelog Version 1.26

New functions in in AutoDNS

Media Center with GDPR section

Files from various areas are now accessible for download in our new Media Center. To get started, we’ve included relevant PDF files under the “GDPR” tab.

Media center in AutoDNS


New: Registry Lock

Lock the domains most critical to business i.e. your most important domains at the registry level to achieve the highest level of protection. The Registry Lock implements an additional layer of independent authentication above that of the registrar. 

This means that a stringent authentication of the registrar employee is carried out by the registry before a domain can be released for updates, transfers and other changes.

New in AutoDNS: Registry Lock


New: Blocking Service 

You now also have access to the Blocking Service. The management and renewal of defensive domain registrations under hundreds of TLD extensions requires a great deal of time and resources.

With the Domain Blocking Service, you can protect your brand against unlawful third-party registrations under various domain extensions for several years.

New in AutoDNS: Blocking Service


Overview for BackupMX

An overview of BackupMX has been added to the new “Mail Services” module in the menu for Service. After activation, the overview will list all of the existing BackupMX entries. In addition, the most commonly used transactions CREATE/UPDATE/DELETE are also available.

Overview BackupMX


“Search for lists” functions

The function “Search for lists” has now been introduced to all filter settings, allowing you to easily carry out a search for existing lists in all overviews.

New search for lists function



Adjustment of inventory export

In order to optimize your inventory export, you can now select the columns you want to include for a CSV export.

Adjustment of inventory exportAdjustment of inventory export

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