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External domains in MailProxy & BackupMX, access control lists for price management and more

External domains in MailProxy & BackupMX, access control lists for price management and more

Version 1.37 optimizes your daily domain business with new features and various updates.

Optimizations in AutoDNS 

BackupMX and MailProxy: external domains and smart filters

It is now possible to specify external domains when selecting domains for the products BackupMX and MailProxy in AutoDNS. Both services can also be used for domains that are not managed in AutoDNS.

In addition, domains for which the respective service has already been activated will no longer appear in the domain selection menu for the corresponding products. 

The relevant configuration options have been given a clearer overall design and the above-mentioned functions have been added.

New features in AutoDNS Pro

Price management: detailed access control list

The rights management (Administration > User Management > Rights) has been updated to include a detailed access control list for price management. Individual user rights can be set conveniently for different price management features. The individual permissions can also be enabled for clone users.

It is also possible to give clone users full editing permissions to all aspects of price management through the Pro Control Center. Clicking on Authorizations management in the price management area of the Control Center will open the corresponding setup window. This feature allows users to set up access rights to price management even more quickly and easily.

Optimizations in AutoDNS Pro 

Price management: simplified price list import 

Prices can now be imported from a CSV file directly when creating new price lists. When activating the newly added switch, a field for the import will open with the option of uploading a file directly. 

Pro tip: Pro users have full control over their pricing with the new price management module. Upgrade now and benefit from many expert features.

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