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New order process for encryption products, Domain Studio expert mode & more

[Translate to Englisch US:] Titelbild Changelog 1.39

[Translate to Englisch US:] Titelbild für AutoDNS Release 1.39

New Features in AutoDNS

Improved order process for encryption products

The process for ordering TLS/SSL certificates and other encryption products has been revised from the ground up and optimized for usability. A simplified product selection with useful filter options makes it easier to find the right product. The complex ordering process has been split into simple, logical segments. All steps have been redesigned with a new and clear layout.

Simplified product selection

The new filters make finding the right encryption products a breeze. You can now filter for products from a specific certification authority or according to specific use cases (website encryption, S/MIME, etc.), among other options.

Optimized order process

Once the desired encryption product has been selected, the subsequent steps in the ordering process will adapt dynamically. The previously complex process has been broken down into easily understandable and logical steps.

Did you know?

In AutoDNS you can order encryption products from all leading certification authorities and for all use cases, from TLS/SSL certificates and email encryption to code and document signing.

Price overview for products & services

The "Products & Services" tab has been added to the price overview. This handy overview lists the costs for all available optional services and their respective business cases.

Optimizations in AutoDNS

Expert mode in Domain Studio

The "Expert mode" can be toggled via a switch in the Domain Studio search bar, enabling users to manually give domain search results the status "Available" or "Assigned". This allows the corresponding order or transfer process to be started in the event of an incorrect or missing WHOIS response.

Redirects with URL paths

URL paths can now also be specified when setting domain redirects. This allows specific subpages to be redirected to a domain or target URL.

TLD registrations conditions in the shopping cart

The display of the special registration conditions for TLDs in the shopping cart has been improved for more convenience. The relevant conditions can now be accepted as a whole with just one click.

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